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What Can I Do?

Every person who believes in the preservation of American jobs has a variety of ways to support this cause.  2004 is the year we have been preparing for!  Since it is an election year, the issues of outsourcing (off-shoring American jobs to other countries), and immigrant Visas (H1-B, L1) coming in to this country are huge issues for the political candidates.  We need to let them know that we, as voters, are against outsourcing and Visas.  Collectively, we can let them know that they will lose many votes if they are not willing to support filling U.S. jobs with U.S. citizens.  The time to take action is NOW.

Write your Congressman:

Write letters to the Editor:

Most people who read the newspapers read the letters to the editor.  You will have a better chance of getting your letter printed if you keep the following tips in mind.

  • The newspaper may have some rules pertaining to letters to the editor.  Call the paper and ask if there are any guidelines to follow.
  • State the article you are referring to, and the date it was printed.
  • Use your full name, and city of residence.
  • Word your letter toward the readers – use common language.
  • Do not make blatant accusations toward the journalist, or newspaper – be polite.  You are only stating your own opinion about an issue or story.
  • Make sure your letter gets your point across to the readers – have someone else read it for feedback.

Talk to People:

This is possibly the most effective method of taking action.  Talk to everyone you know: friends, relatives, church or club members, neighbors, co-workers, even strangers.  There are many people who are simply unaware of the problems that outsourcing and immigrant Visas are causing to our citizens and our country.  Even many people employed in the software industry are uninformed of how significant these issues are, until it directly affects them or someone they are close to.  These issues are showing up increasingly in the media as the election process moves forward.  Use a current newspaper article or news segment to strike up a conversation.

The goal is to make all U.S. citizens aware of how these two practices (outsourcing and Visa programs) can destroy our country if we do not take immediate action to restrain them.