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How to Underpay H-1B workers

This page explains how employers can bring in H-1B workers at about 1/2 the pay of the Americans working for the same employer, and still comply with the “prevailing wage” requirement.

The U.S. Department of Commerce

The US. Department of Commerce has asked The Programmers Guild to assist in a study on training for the computer profession. The Guild had a meeting with Assistant Secretary of Commerce Bruce Mehlman on September 24th, 2001 to discuss the issue. Guild members who could not attend this meeting responded to the Department of Commerce’s on-line survey, which can be viewed at the above link.

Petition to Abolish the H-1B

Do you think it should be legal to fire Americans and replace them with foreign guest workers? If not, let Congress now that you want to end the H-1B program by signing the Petition to Abolish the H-1B Program.

The H-1B Library

This is a private collection of articles and information about H-1B. Because this is intended as a reference repository and not a republication, the maintainers of this library have not links to it. If you have come across this web page, please do not create any web links to this page.


So far a very small collection of articles on what H-1B is.

The Reddy Case

Almost every type of abuse that takes place in the H-1B program happened here.

H-1B Abuse

Some of things Mr. Reddy didn’t do….and a few that he did.

Campaign Cash and H-1B (Including the Trent Lott shakedown)

Why would members of Congress do back flips to push legislation opposed by 84% of Americans (Lou Harris poll)? (Hint: $$$$)

Age Discrimination

The Programmer Shortage Propaganda

The press reports industry claims of programmer shortages without question. Too bad no one ever puts all the industry’s shortage claims together to see if they are consistent. We have.

Opinion Columns

Minorities in High-Tech

H-1B Myths and Absurdities

Does Alan Greenspan really support an H-1B increase?

Education and Training

Government Reports

EXPORT CONTROLS: Department of Commerce Controls over Transfers of Technology to Foreign Nationals Need Improvement (PDF Format) General Accounting Office, September 9, 2002

Independent Reports

Is There A Shortage of Information Technology Workers?    Dr. Peter Cappelli, Wharton School of Business

Anti-Abraham Ads

They’ve been called “racist”. They have been called “hateful”. Now, read for yourself the texts of the ads against Abraham and try to figure out what the fuss is all about.

The F.A.I.R. Radio Ads Attacking Spencer Abraham

American’s For Better Immigration Ad Attacking Spencer Abraham