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16 Jan 2018

A self-described contrarian, Foote said tech employers are passing off blame for the perceived skill shortage to the education sector when employers are the ones who are best-equipped to address the problem. For example, cybersecurity skills are “learned on the…

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I understand what you are dealing with.

Many of you are worried about your future. Many, like myself, have had their future destroyed. I get that. Which is why I want your help spreading the word. For the most part, nobody has our back. Not the IEEE-usa…

What Employers should know about Hiring International Students

8/13/2009 ARCHIVE FROM: USCSTUDENTAffairs OIS Forms Career Information Advising Enrollment Reports Workshops Financial Aid What Employers should know about Hiring International Students    The PDF format introduction Many employers are concerned about liability related to the employment of international…