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Bank of America has been laying off Americans - after forcing them to train their foreign replacements. Here Hamidi joins protesters at a Labor Day protest at B of A in Concord, CA. 

  • Wikipedia Page on Kevin Flanagan
  • San Mateo Times Article about Protest - Alan Zibel
  • Contra Costa Times Article about Protest - Ellen Lee
  • Coverage in Denmark Magazine Sam Data - (page 7 of 2 meg PDF file) (
  • Protest  coverage by India newspaper
  • U.S. next wave of outsourcing to be R&D jobs - India news covering this protest
  • Exporting our IT Advantage - Washington Post
  • CIO Magazine "No Americans Need Apply" (cites Kevin Flanagan suicide at this BofA site)

    Contact for print-quality copies. Organized by Lee Perry  and (more photos)

    Norm Matloff, (Gov) Marc Valdez, Pete Bennett, (Gov) Joe Guzzardi, (Gov) Ken Hamidi

    Group Photo

    Protester and Hamidi

    Code of Food


    Protester and Kim Berry

    War on Nerds

    Hamidi speaking with Reporter Ellen Lee of Contra Costa Times

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