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H-1B / Nonimmigrant Visas

On April 28th 2003 a petition was submitted to DOL, e-signed by over 150 impacted tech workers, pleading that DOL administer LCAs in manner that will protect U.S. workers. DOL’s May 28th response dodged the issue. On July 10th the DOL sent a second response, acknowledging their failure to protect U.S. workers, and implicating Congress for their flawed legislation:

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Congressional Testimony

  • June 18, 2003 Congressman Tancredo Statement to House – “These companies are circumventing the congressionally-mandated safeguards and rules imposed under the H-1b program. And our government knows it. This is not news to anybody inside the Department of Labor or inside the administration. They just do not care.”
  • April 21, 1998 Congressman Klink testimony to Immigration Subcommittee – “There is a ‘conspiracy’ going on to benefit employers and discriminate against American workers, especially older workers. Its purpose is to make Congress believe that this nation has such a shortage of information technology workers and such an inability to ever meet the demand that the doors to foreign workers must immediately be flung wide open in the form of increased H–1B visas. Otherwise, life on the high-technology planet as we know it will disappear”