Five Staffing Firms Chase One Temp Job at Honeywell


Five Staffing Firms Chase One Temp Job at Honeywell

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SACRAMENTO May 27, 2014 – Five staffing firms are competing to fill one seven-month temporary position at Honeywell, according Programmers Guild, a U.S tech worker advocacy organization.  “There are too many temporary staffing agencies creating too many want ads for  jobs they don’t even own – it’s their client that creates them – and often it’s the client who will decide who is ultimately hired,” according to Kim Berry, president of the Guild.  Companies competing to fill this one position at Honeywell in Pennsylvannia were Acro Service Corporation, Michigan, Artech Information Systems, New Jersey, Collabera, New Jersey, GDKN, FL, and Experius Manpower, Wisconsin.

Kim Berry, president of the Programmers Guild, equates this widespread re-marking of job openings to concert ticket scalping. “These middle-men add nothing of value, but have the goal of maximizing their take by finding candidates willing to work for below market wages. These companies rely on two conditions that hurt U.S. workers–high unemployment and the elimination of permanent jobs.”

Within hours of activating his resume on, an American worker reported that he received several emails from different staffing agencies, regarding a temporary “lead hardware engineer” position at Honeywell in in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. According to this worker:

  • All contacts were for the same temporary position at Honeywell, approximately 6-months long.

  • The job description cites that “Persons will be working on a Team locally and with a Team in India.”

  • The hourly W2 Contract rate of $55 per hour seemed below market for a lead position requiring 6-10 years of experience.

The American job seeker and member of the Guild speculates that some of these technical recruiters were calling from India.  He notes that “they came across as unprofessional and inexperienced. I got the impression that they were simply cross-referencing job-board postings and resumes.”

The Programmers Guild advocates for the interests of U.S. tech workers against the offshoring and displacement of U.S. tech jobs. The Guild proposes some basic H-1b reforms that would both stem the displacement of qualified U.S. workers and improve the quality of the H-1b workers that are admitted to the U.S. workforce.



Text of the staffing company emails.