History and Founders

History and Founders of the Programmers Guild

The persons who conceived and initiated The Programmers Guild did so without financing or incentive other than improving the Programming Profession. The father of The Programmers Guild is John Miano who’s gone on to become a law student.

When John made the decision to step down as the Guild’s first Chairman at the end of 2002 these were his words:

This is a time of great change within the Programmers Guild. This December, we will be having our first election for leadership under our new bylaws. There are seven positions on the board of directors that have to be filled, with terms starting at the beginning of the year. The top four vote getters will serve for two years and the remaining three will serve a half term of one year. Starting the following year, all directors will have staggered 2-year terms.

The board will select the chairman who will serve as the leader of The Programmers Guild.

I encourage anyone who has the energy and desire to lead the Programmers Guild to consider running for the board of directors.

To run for the board and to vote for the board you must be dues paying member of the Guild in good standing.

With great regret, I have to announce that I will not be running for reelection to the board. Therefore, this election will help determine who the next leader of the Guild will be. While I will remain active with the organization, after four years, it is time for new leadership and new ideas that can take the group to the next level.


Original board members:

  • John Miano – Original Board Member and Chairman.
  • Terry Oldberg – Original board member
  • Henry Daniels – Original board member
  • John Gammage – Original board member
  • Linda Nesheim – Original board member
  • Paul Hanrahan – Original board member
  • Craig Connell – Original board member
  • Michael Chambers

The Programmers Guild was hard hit by the death of Michael Chambers. Besides being a board member of the Programmer’s Guild, Mike was active fighting for programmers in Canada. We would like to express our condolences to Mike’s family and to the many people who knew Mike.

Founding members of The Programmers Guild

Launching the Programmers Guild as a not for profit professional society required an initial membership drive and investment. The initial membership drive offered charter memberships at 35.00 for a year and founding member at $500.00 for the first year of membership. Our thanks goes out to all of our charter members and a special thanks to founding members. Founding memberships are no longer available. Here’s a list of the founding members:

  • John Miano
  • Rick Frank
  • Gregory Smith
  • Paul Hanrahan
  • William Kennedy
  • Kenneth Sumerford
  • Jay Martin
  • Harrison Picot