How can I help the Programmers Guild?

How can I help the Programmers Guild?

The Programmers Guild is run by volunteers. These are ways that you can contribute to keeping our operations running and on the radar of media and legislators.

1. Membership Management System

We need to implement a better system for managing our membership. We are looking for someone willing to evaluate and setup a system. We have investigated the following, but are open to other solutions.


Recommend: play with the demo:  Members are able to change their profile information, such as phone number, address, email and password E-mail broadcast to your customers. E-mail to all of your customers, expired customers as well as customers of a specified product.

b) ClubExpress

They handle membership dues payments. Their fee is $4 per PAID member per year. So fine, we get $31 – that’s fair enough. It includes discussion forum, email broadcasts, membership renewal reminders. It has a 60 day demo mode.

2. Draft Commentaries

The Guild has a blog: If you have an idea for a commentary 100-250 words please submit it to us. We also occasionally do press releases. These must conform a strict format of not being a commentary, but rather an announcement of something, such as a position, action, or new study by the guild. We welcome ideas.

Our press releases are here – see bottom for link to our other releases:

If you are serious about writing press releases, please review the materials here: