I understand what you are dealing with.

Many of you are worried about your future.

Many, like myself, have had their future destroyed.

I get that.

Which is why I want your help spreading the word.

For the most part, nobody has our back.

Not the IEEE-usa or any other tech associations that I am aware of.

So we need to stand up for ourselves and we do this by building the largest tech association that America has to offer which specifically works to protect the tech workers future.

Let me show you why I say I understand what you are facing, or have been forced to endure.

This is a picture of a home I bought in vegas in 1999 when I thought my future was bright.

This is a picture of my kitchen now.

I spent the years from 88 till 99 acquiring the skills that would let me manage the projects and all of my hard work was finally starting to pay off.

Until I was forced to watch while non-immigrant guest workers were hired INSTEAD of American Citizens Like Myself.

So I get it.

And I want to hear from you what it will take to get you to help build Programmers Guild into the association that has our back.

vbiersch@gmail.com is the best way to find me.

My work can be found at: