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The Programmer's Guild is a professional society advocating for the advancement and preservation of our profession. Programmers are not sufficiently organized and The Programmer's Guild provides a sound approach to answering the forces increasingly putting our profession at risk.The Programmer's Guild accepts as members a wide variety of information technology professionals.

Annual dues are $35 for employed members and ONE DOLLAR for unemployed members.

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The Programmers Guild
P.O. Box 1250
Summit NJ 07902-1250

If not us, then who?

If you are a programmer and you have decided not to join us, ask yourself what organization are you going to join? With Congress engaging in open warfare against the programming profession in exchange for cash, we have two choices:

  • Take it lying down
  • Fight Back!

A significant threat to our profession is offshoring tech jobs and the ongoing flood of workers on nonimmigrant visas. Your membership enables the Programmer's Guild rebut the false claims of labor shortages by organizations such as ITAA and AILA, and educate Congress about the dangers of allowing corporations to transfer U.S. jobs, technology, and capital to countries such as India and China to exploit their cheap labor.

Even in this economic climate of of 500,000 U.S. tech workers without jobs, Congress continues to flood the job market with 65,000 H-1B workers and unlimited L-1 workers each year. Further, they continue to sign trade agreements that facilitate U.S. corporations to offshore or tranfer their entire operation overseas.

Join us and be part of the solution - or start retraining for a job at WalMart.