Other Legislation

Programmer’s Guild Legislation

Aside from opposing H-1B/L-1 and offshoring, the Guild holds the following positions:

Section 1706

Section 1706 of the tax code was inserted at the request of industry groups representing body shops. For most programmers, it makes it illegal to operate as an independent contractor. The Programmer’s Guild opposes 1706.

Non-compete Clauses

Many companies include non-compete clauses as part of employment agreements. Some companies uses these provisions to prevent employees from changing jobs. The Programmer’s Guild seeks legislation to outlaw non-compete clauses.

Software Patents

Most people think of inventions, such as the telephone and telegraph, when they think of patents. Unfortunately the legal system has managed to extend patents to cover mathematical processes. Software should be covered by copyright and not patents. The Programmer’s Guild seeks the abolishment of software patents. Software should be protected by copyright. The Programmer’s Guild is looking for people willing to take on the roll of advocates against software patents.

More information on Software Patents.


UCITA is a model legislative act to standardize software licensing issues across the states. While in theory this is a good idea, the Programmer’s Guild opposes UCITA in anything like its present form. A professional society such as the Programmer’s Guild has a responsibility to look at for the public interest as well as the interests of its members. As it exists now, UCITA benefits software interests to the exclusion of the public good.

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