Page # File # Employer Salary Job Title Notes
14 9582000  Insweb $80k  Software Engineer  (Osmaina University 5/96) (19) Letter from Nancy Mills-Smith 11/2003 increasing salary to $84k
20 095xxxxx  Insweb $58k Software Engineer (21) references attached letter of recruitment
27 9545749  R-Systems  $89k Application Programmer   (25) July 152004 Letter from Martin Rios to R-Systems giving them 60 days to submit a revised application. 
31  09581416?  InsWeb  $58k  Software Engineer  (34) CSUS grad SEED at HP openview 2000  
39 9553394  R-Systems $94k Project Manager  Tata and HCL prior to R-Systems  
46 9552848  R-Systems  $89k  Senior Software Engineer  (47) "Since [Senior Software Engineer] is acknowledged to be a shortage occupation and we have engaged in bonafide recruitment effortswe request that further recruitment requirements be waived. - April 2002" (convert access table to SQL 2000 stored procedures duties of SQL DBA)
51 9553392  R-Systems  $89k Software Engineer   (51) ZERO years experience in both job offered and in related occupation required of U.S. worker. (53) Design StormWatch Management Console SQL 2000  C++ Apache XML HTML Javascript
56  0958????  R-Systems  $53k Software Engineer Visual Basic (57)  we have already conducted a six month recuritment program. please see attached documentation 12/26/02. (61) upate address letter
62  09?????   R-Systems  $53k Software Engineer    Visual Basic
68  09?????   R-Systems  $67k  Business Analyst
73  095884??   R-Systems  $56k  Software Engineer  (77) former Tata employee
78 9588426   R-Systems  $56k  Software Engineer  (82) JDBC JSP
84 9588427   R-Systems  $57k  Software Engineer  (84) C++ MFC CORBA
89 9588428   R-Systems  $56k  Software Engineer  (89) Java Oracle8i Visual Basic
94 9588429   R-Systems  $56k  Software Engineer  (94) C++ TCP/IP
99 9553177   R-Systems  $74k  Senior Software Engineer  (102) ASP VB SQL Server
104 9587108   R-Systems  $66k to 70k  Business Analyst  (109) letter increasing wage to $70k
110  0958????  HealthNet  $80k  Technical Specialist  (113) CRM - woodland hills
113 9585891  HealthNet  $81k  Sr. Web Developer  (113) details of web duties - (Woodland Hills)
116 9586993  HealthNet  85k  Staff Programmer Analyst  NOTE: No evidence that applicant has any education or experience relevant to required skills.(Woodland Hills)
120 97573081  HealthNet  $86k  Project Manager Finance Process  SAP - NOTE: No formal SAP training - (123) 6/26/2003 Letter to Sacramento EDD (Woodland Hills)  
124 9583112  HealthNet  $85k  Technical Specialist  EIM and TIB SAP - NOTE: No formal SAP training nor prior experience (Woodland Hills)
127 9576431  HealthNet 105k  SAP Administrator (Oracle)   NOTE: No evidence that applicant has any formal nor prior SAP experience. (Sacramento) - ASK FOR DOCUMENT
130  09581???  HealthNet  $80k  Technical Specialist  NOTE:  (Woodland Hills)
133 9514963  R-Systems  $78k  Project Manager  (139) Letter to Sacramento EDD amending experience to 2 years in job offered or related job. (140) letter amending work address.
141 9514962  R-Systems  $82k  Applications Programmer
147 9548381  R-Systems  $82k  Software engineer  (147) requires Oracle RDMBS (150) precisely the same job description as prior employer Compubahn.
153 9548383  R-Systems  $84k  Software Engineer  (155) degree is mechanical engineering (156) job entails Oracle, Java, Solaris, Perforce, Visual Café
159 9548384  R-Systems  $77k  Database Administrator  Oracle RDBMS (161) degree is mechanical engineer. (162) prior job at in MA
164 9548823  R-Systems  $89k  Software Engineer applications  BS degree only (167) SQL 2000 ASP/HTML Javascript XML/XSL - I would be perfect match - their are many such applicants seeking work.
169 9548873  R-Systems  $89k  Software Engineer  BS degree only Oracle developer
173 9548875  R-Systems  $83k  Software Engineer  Oracle PL/SQL
179 9552750  R-Systems  $94k  IT Project Manager  NOTE: Applicant does not have the prior experience or training that the application specifies (179) alien will supervise only 0 to 2 employees - some project manager
184 9552752  R-Systems  $94k  IT Project Manager  supervise 0 to 1 employees - applicant has BS degree only
189 9553606  R-Systems  $89k  Programmer Analyst  basic coding with Oracle and PL/SQL knowledge
195 9559842  R-Systems  $89k  Applications Programmer  Powerhouse and COBOL - 
200 9560298  R-Systems  $82k  Systems Analyst  Oracle developer 2000
205 9560299  R-Systems  $65k  Network Engineer  MS 2000/NT Novell Microsoft Exchange Server - install and configure PDC DHCP WINS and DNS servers
210 9560300  R-Systems  $82k  Software Engineer  Visual C++ MS SQL NOTE same job description for Bell South at prior two employers.
215 9565645  R-Systems  $84k  Software Engineer  Visual Basic Interdev VBScript - I am fully skilled in every category for this job - these are common skills - ask to see evidence of recruitment.
220 9565646  R-Systems  $89k  Senior Applications Engineer  Visual C++ - I am fully qualified in every category for this job - again common skills.
223 9566176  R-Systems  $84k  Software Engineer  Visual C++ MS SQL BS only
228 9571601  R-Systems  $89k  Software Engineer  VC++ with MFC/ATL/STL/COM BS only 1996 Electronics
233 9581872  R-Systems  $53k  Software Engineer  Visual Basic on Windows and Unix BS only 1992 - didn't have formal VB training
238 9581873  R-Systems  $53k  Database Administrator  Sun platform and Oracle
242 9581874  R-Systems  $53k  Computer Programmer Analyst  develop and test client server application in Windows and MS SQL
246 9581875  R-Systems  $62k  Database Administrator  Oracle DBA
251 9581876  R-Systems  $53k  Computer Programmer Analyst  Java C++ and COBOL programming and Oracle DB. Applicant has BS in metallurgical engineering and MS in materials science. NOTE: applicant's only prior Oracle skills are Oracle Reports in 1997.
256 9581877  R-Systems  $53k  Software Engineer  Visual Basic Windows and Unix candidate has BS only
260 9581878  R-Systems  $53k  Software Engineer  Visual Basic Windows and Unix  candidate has BS 1996 India in electronics and communications
265 9581879  R-Systems  $53k  Computer Programmer Analyst  MVS VS and COBOL. No prior MVS or VS listed
269 9581880  R-Systems  $53k  Software Engineer  Visual Basic Windows and Unix candidate has BS MS and Oracle Master - No Visual Basic listed in prior experience or current job description
274 9581937  R-Systems  $53k  Computer Programmer Analyst  C/C++/Delphi
279 9581938  R-Systems  $54k  Business Analyst  no technologies listed in job description - any new CS grad is skilled to perform business analyst at the $54k salary level
284 9581053  R-Systems  $53k  Applications Programmer  no technologies listed in description.