February 11, 2007

Dear Executive Editor and Reporters, Sacramento Bee,

I have cc'd Dorado Software on this email and offer them the opportunity to refute my claim via a "reply all" response.

Please see the BusinessWeek article "Work Visas May Work Against the U.S." by Peter Elstrom, which explains how, rather than improving America's "competitiveness," employers are using the H-1B visa to facilitate the transfer of U.S. jobs and technology out of the country. You need look no further than www.rsystems.com in El Dorado Hills for an example - they secure public sector contracts, undercutting U.S. CMAS contractors, because they utilize H-1B from India to ship as must of the project as possible back to India.

Today this ad by Dorado Software in Folsom has several signs of being bogus - being run as part of a PERM greencard sponsorship to "prove" that there are no qualified Americans available to fill the job.

Hewlett-Packard is running virtually the same ad that I alerted you to in December. I (on "would rehire" status as a former software engineer at HP Roseville) and several other qualified applicants responded to the ads in December - no one heard back.

These ads are reproduced for the purposes of criticism, comment, and education of the public, legislators,
and media, in accordance with Title17 U.S.C. Section 107.

The evidence that this is PERM ad rather than a bona fide help wanted ad is:

NOTE: Prior PERM cases can be downloaded from  DOL's FLC Data Center (This is worth downloading - DOL found that there were "no qualified Americans" to work as: Donut Maker, Cashier, Cook, Painter, Restaurant Hostess - every row in this database represents fake ads that ran in U.S. Sunday newspapers.)

Here is a form for Immigration Specialties, Inc, matching the phone number on the Dorado Software LCA.

http://www.immspec.com/aboutus.htm "We have now processed “1000’s” of visas for “100’s” of companies while functioning as their “personal in-house immigration department”." (NOTE: The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is a key lobbyist for an H-1b increase - their slogan should be "IF A QUALIFIED AMERICAN GETS THE JOB THEN WE DON'T GET PAID."

Why are neither Hewlett-Packard nor Dorado Software participating in CSUS Engineering Job Fair - but continuing to sponsor H-1b workers?

I am awaiting the Bee's position on running help wanted ads that do not represent bona-fide intents to hire, and will continue to alert you to the fraudulent ads that you are running in your publication.


Mr. Kim Berry kim@programmersguild.org

See more info on fake job ads:



LCA Database > Search > Company List > Job List > Details About | Reports | Search
H-1B LCA record for Software Development Engineer at Dorado Software, Inc.

Field Value
case_no I-05013-1511101
address 15 Plaza Drive
name Dorado Software, Inc.
city Folsom
state CA
postal_code 95630
phone 916-673-1125
nbr_immigrants 1
job_title Software Development Engineer
job_code 39
condition Y
public_disclosure 1
designated_first_name Leslie
designated_last_name Tarnacki
designated_title Director, Human Resources
contact_first_name Jennifer
contact_middle_initial D
contact_last_name Simmons
contact_phone 918-258-6092  [ www.immspec.com ]
contact_phone_ext 315
approval_status Certified
wage_rate_1 $82,500.00
rate_per_1 Y
part_time_1 N
city_1 Folsom
state_1 CA
prevailing_wage_1 $56,285.00
wage_source_1 SESA
yr_source_pub_1 2000
unix_received_date 01/13/2005
unix_begin_date 04/26/2005
unix_end_date 06/13/2006
unix_dol_decision_date 01/13/2005
unix_certified_begin_date 04/26/2005
unix_certified_end_date 06/13/2006
county Sacramento
county_1 Sacramento
foia_source_1 H1B_Efile_FY2005_Internal.mdb
county_state Sacramento, CA
county_state_1 Sacramento, CA


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