From: Kim Berry
Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 9:17 AM
To: [Sacramento Bee Editors]
Cc: [DOL Staff]
Subject: The "Economist Help Wanted" in today's Bee for CA ISO is a fake ad

Dear Sacramento Bee,
On Tuesday I wrote informing you that only Computer Help Wanted in your paper was a fake job ad. Today, in spite of local employers Intel and HP recently successfully lobbying congress to increase the H-1B cap, there is not a single help wanted under the Computer category - it jumps from "Collections" to "Concrete."
Along with many newspapers, the Sacramento Bee's editorial position is that there is a shortage of such workers:
Is the Bee willing to disclose the influence that "CompeteAmerica" had on its 7/30/2004 editorial favoring an H-1B increase? Why won't the Bee report both sides - that in most cases H-1B workers are displacing qualified Americans - that the 500,000 admitted in the past four years is resulting in an epidemic of "fake job ads" 
Today's Bee has only one opening for an "Economist". The add reeks of a fake RIR ad. Sure enough, CAISO has an LCA for an H-1B Economist - see below. (MA +3 years experience in industry = $64k salary)
Consistent with other FAKE RIR ads, the position of "Economist" is not listed among the "real job openings" at the CAISO website:
Doesn't anyone find that suspicious? Anyone care ask why? CAISO: 916-351-4400 - Never mind. I called, pressed "4" for HR - "Kate" answered, who acknowledged that she placed the ad. She says she has never heard of an RIR program - but would not disclose info on H-1B workers - she said "recruiting" is responsible for the website and directed her to run the ad, that I need to speak with Debbie Martinez, who is out until Monday. (I told Kate who I was and why I was calling. Indeed few Americans have heard of RIR because the media has blacked out the issue.)
If I were to sit in a car while I knew that a passenger was running in to steal a six-pack of beer, I'd be considered an accessory to a crime. Accordingly, everyone on this distribution is an accessory to defrauding Americans out of their careers.
Mr. Kim Berry
916 213-0492
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H-1B LCA record for Economist at California Independent System Operator

Field Value
case_no I-03069-0442423
address 151 Blue Ravine Road
name California Independent System Operator
city Folsom
state CA
postal_code 95630
phone 916-351-4400
ein 94-3274043
nbr_immigrants 1
begin_date 07/01/2003
end_date 06/30/2006
job_title Economist
dol_decision_date 03/10/2003
certified_begin_date 07/01/2003
certified_end_date 06/30/2006
job_code 50
condition Y
subsection1 A
public_disclosure 1
designated_first_name Richard
designated_middle_initial L
designated_last_name Jacobs
designated_title Senior Corporate Counsel
contact_first_name Nancy
contact_last_name Mao
contact_phone 916-443-6918
contact_phone_ext 114
approval_status Certified
legacy_flag N
mail_fax_flag N
wage_rate_1 $64,000.00
rate_per_1 Y
max_rate_1 $70,000.00
part_time_1 N
city_1 Folsom
state_1 CA
prevailing_wage_1 $50,357.00
wage_source_1 Other
yr_source_pub_1 2003
other_wage_source_1 SOC Online Wage Library
yr_source_pub_2 2000
other_wage_source_2 - Learn how the H-1B technical visa program is costing American jobs and undercutting your wages.