December 17, 2006

Dear Sacramento Bee,

Last week I alerted you that your Hewlett-Packard help wanted ad was a sham, since it does not represent a bona-fide job opening nor an intent to hire any of the applicants.

Without explanation, you have knowingly defrauded your readers by electing to run the same ad again today.

You have upped the ante, adding fake ads from by Verifone (a division of HP) and Key Business Solutions to the mix - a substantial percent of the Computer Help Wanted in today's Bee are fake ads. (I further predict that these same ads will run exactly one more Sunday within the next 30 days, consistent with PERM requirements.)

I alerted you that Key Business Solutions ran fake ads two years ago.

Verifone positions for California can be searched here, and applied for on-line. So why doesn't the ad refer people to the website to apply online? Note that the Verifone ad is for two different positions, and the Marketing ad requests "3 years experience in the job offered" - which is a PERM violation, since experience and skilled acquired on the current job cannot be included within the job requirements - the measure is what skills were required to perform the job on the day the H-1b first filled it.

Here's another Verifone fake ad, appearing at CareerBuilder.

Why do both the HP and Verifone ads say "Must have legal right to work in the U.S."? Because this is among the legal issues of a PERM ad, distinguishing it from H-1b sponsorship.

LCAs for Verifone and Key Business Systems can be searched here - there are clear matches between H-1b positions and the alleged greencard sponsorship represented by these ads. The LCA search also reveals that these companies were hiring H-1bs without first running ads to recruit Americans- (which is of course completely legal under the flawed H-1b program - ads such as these are only run AFTER the position is filled.)

VERIFONE LCAs - Includes Product Marketing Manager sponsored 3 years ago, 1/12/2004 - consistent with the "3 years experience in the job offered" stated in the ad.

KEY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LCAs - many sponsored by apparent Indian Director Rajan Gutta 916-646-2080, BS degreed programmers for $45,000 per year, during the peak of the dot-com bust when many Sacramento-area programmers were unable to find work. The H-1B statute permits Indians like Rajan to discriminate against U.S. Citizens and hire exclusively H-1b from his home country, if they so choose.


Tel: (916) 646 2080

Can you please clarify your position on help wanted ads? For example, will you authorize our organization to run fake ads for the purpose of building our member contact list? If not, where do you draw the line?

Note that on August 14, 2006, you had ran an Editorial in favor of further streamlining this "fake job ad" greencard process - see below.


Mr. Kim Berry

See more info on fake job ads:

Editorial: Our immigrants' exodus

Lament the skills and talent the U.S. loses

Published 12:01 am PDT Monday, August 14, 2006

If Raghu Ballal carries through on his plan to leave the United States, this country will have lost a valuable asset.

The Indian-born engineer is packing for England, to take advantage of that country's Highly Skilled Migrant Program. He would like to stay in the United States, but after almost a decade in this country he still has not been able to get a green card -- the key federal document that would allow him and his wife to live and work in this country permanently.

There is no reason Ballal should be denied a permit. He earned a master's degree in civil engineering from a Texas university in 1999. He has since worked as a civil engineer for an American company under the H-1B temporary visa program that allows highly skilled workers the opportunity to work in this country.

Ballal's company sponsored his application for a green card and permanent residency [BY RUNNING FAKE JOB ADS - KIM]. But the backlog in the nation's overwhelmed immigration bureaucracy is so long, it could be years before he gets any response.

Meanwhile, under the stringent rules of the H-1B program that allows him to stay in this country now, Ballal is barred from seeking a promotion within his own company or changing jobs. He is not unlike an indentured servant.

No wonder he has decided to go to England. There, he could get permanent residence status within weeks and citizenship within two years.

Critics have raised some legitimate problems with the the H-1B program. American engineers complain that it allows U.S. firms to hire cheap foreign labor and keep wages low. There is some evidence to support that criticism, and those issues need to be addressed.

But while those concerns are being addressed, the country cannot afford to allow bureaucratic inertia to deprive us of the talents of people like Raghu Ballal.

Immigrants are America's wealth. They have revitalized entire cities in this nation. They bring skills, a strong work ethic and family values that this country needs. That is what we lose when Raghu Ballal and others like him find it easier to leave America than stay.


Computer/IT Sacramento, CA based IT firm seeks Programmer Analysts Sr. Programmer Analysts Software Engineers Sr Software Engineers Sr DBAs Require a BS or MS Degree or equiv exp. Travel may be required to client locations. Mail resume to Key Business Solutions Inc. 4208 N Freeway Blvd Ste 120 Sacramento CA-95834
Published to the Web on 12/17/06

Director, Product Marketing
Location: Rocklin, CA
Last Updated: 12/15/2006
Job Description:

Position Summary:
Director, Product Marketing. Front-end marketing of an electronic point of sale product that is
sold to retail merchants worldwide. Work with customer needs (current and future) as well as the ability to communicate with development teams. Recommend product strategies and direction of product future. Accountable for all decisions regarding investments and return on the assigned product throughout the product life cycle. Product pricing, forecasting, positioning, and new product introduction. Monitor and support worldwide marketing for a hardware products. Understand worldwide customer and reseller requirements.

BS in Marketing or related degree with 3 years of experience in the job offered or as a Business Development Manager or other related occupation. Experience or education must include:
Implementing wireless communications solutions for Point of Sale Terminals;
Working with third party OEM Wireless communication modules or companies;
Developing product and market requirement definition documents and business plans
Any suitable combination of education, training, or experience is acceptable.




Senior Oracle Systems Administrator
Location: Rocklin, CA
Last Updated: 12/05/2006
Job Description:

Position Summary:
Create and maintain all database instances for global business Applications; Manage changes to the production applications system, and assure changes are properly documented and tested;Manage security and user access controls of Business Critical.
Applications including user responsibilities; Manage and administer Software Configuration Management (PVCS) by providing technical support to application development teams; Architect future Applications and DB environments for upgrades and new installations;Create and maintain Backups for the Enterprise wide, critical and Business applications and databases;Consult with DBA staff, BSA's and developers on projects, database, and operational issues;Assist in SOX compliance by creating & maintaining the procedures in areas of Security, Data management, Change management of Business Applications & Databases; and Serve as on-call DBA as primary or secondary technical support contact for the 24/7 operation..
BS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Engineering (EE, ME, CE) plus 5 years of progressive related experience.
Experience or coursework must include: Database and schema creation;
Database backup and recovery; Database monitoring, turning and reorganization;Cost and rule based optimization; SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, AppWorks and SQL tuning; Minimum of 3 years as Oracle Applications DBA Oracle 10.7SC and/or 11i environment. Any suitable combination of education, training, or experience is acceptable. EOE.