July 1, 2007

Dear Executive Editor Rick Rodriquez and Reporters, Sacramento Bee,

For the past two years I have advised you that your publication is running fake job ads, and documented these ads at www.programmersguild.org/RIR/. Such fake ads have received wide media coverage in the past few weeks, including by AP. But you choose to ignore this, and continue knowingly running these ads. (See the YouTube and media links at the top of www.programmersguild.org for more information.) I have also documented that the Bee laid off many of its senior reporters a few months back, but retained its $45,000 H-1b reporters. Is this the conflict of interest that prevents The Bee from being objective about this issue?

These ads are reproduced for the purposes of criticism, comment, and education of the public, legislators,
and media, in accordance with Title17 U.S.C. Section 107.

While Industry lobbies Congress that we are in the midst of of "tech labor shortage," the Sunday Sacramento Bee only contains a few ads for software developers. How do you account for this? When the fake PERM ads are excluded, where is the evidence of a labor shortage?


I have already explained to you why your Global Energy Decisions ads is suspect of being a PERM fake at in my February 25, 2007 letter, so I won't repeat it here. (They were cc'd on the email and and did not respond refuting the allegation. Still the Bee continues to defraud readers by running their fake ads.)

You'll see many software development positions in Sacramento on their website, but you don't see the position "Computer Systems Analysts" that is in the ad.

Global Energy Decisions was formerly Henwood Energy. I identified their fake ads back to 2003. You can see Henwood's H-1b applications here. (I've recently heard from a former Henwood software developer who affirms that Henwood was sponsoring H-1b even as they were laying off their American staff. He will consider speaking with the media.)


The other suspect ad is for a Software Engineer for Megabyte Systems Inc. in Rocklin, CA.

The position also appears on their website.

Posted June 20, 2007:
Megabyte Systems, Inc., located in Rocklin, CA seeks a Software Engineer. Reqs.: Bachelor's in Industrial Eng. & Mgmt or Comp Sci or equiv and 1 yr exp in application design, systems analysis, and programming. Mail resumes to Sharon Zachte, President at 2241 Sunset Blvd., Ste. C, Rocklin, CA 95765 or fax to 916-435-9240, Attn.: Sharon Zachte.

Thus they have just about completed their "good faith recruitment" to prove that no qualified Americans are available to develop software in Delphi and SQL 2000.

Since the ad is wholly deficient in listing the technical skills required, I recommend that software developers who might be interested phone her to inquire about the details of this "job opportunity": (916) 435-8872 - Sales@megabytesystems.com


This might be a legitimate ad. The interesting thing is the requirement of "5+ years experience." Also the ad is in a larger font than the other ads on their website. Find the ad by searching for ALL here: http://www.frhg.org/careerFrame.aspx then scroll to "Network Engineer." Note that none of the dozens of other positions at the facility have a "5 year experience" requirement. The majority only list the qualifications. The "clinical lab scientist" position says "one year experience preferred."

I find only one H-1b application for the facility, for the position of "Director of Recruitment."


The "real jobs" left for American software developers in today's Sacramento Bee are "Computer Operator Night Shift" and "Network Coordinator" - both in the public sector.

I am awaiting the Bee's position on running help wanted ads that do not represent bona-fide intents to hire, and will continue to alert you to the fraudulent ads that you are running in your publication.


Mr. Kim Berry kim-AT-programmersguild.org

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