Sacramento Bee and DOL,

Of these ads - CNS and Metalink - only the two Metalink ads have a strong possibility of being fake RIR ads. But CNS is suspicious in their own ways, as explained below.

Since the Bee has an editorial position in support of continuing to flooding the job market with H-1B workers, I am waiting to hear your position on the fake ads that you are running - defrauding your readers into believing they represent actual job openings.

Archive of these emails is here:

The webpage also contains a list of the 1000 LCAs that the DOL granted in FY 2004 for the Sacramento Region. The Sacramento Bee's editorial position seems to be that even more of these jobs should be given away:

I'm waiting for the Bee to disclose what influence Compete America had over their 7/30/2004 editorial.


Kim Berry
916 213-0492


CNS advertises for two openings. The odd thing about their ad is the requirement for 7+ years experience, for skills in technologies like ASP.NET, XML, C#, UML - that are only a few years old. The same jobs and requirements are also on their website: 

I spot-reviewed their job openings on their website via From 2000 through January 2004 (the most recent archive), none of their ads ever required several years of experience. They typically read as in the box below. When did they suddenly only need candidates with 7+ years of experience?

These ads are suspicious. But I don't find any LCAs under this company name.

Current Openings  (January 2004 archive - note lack of "7 years experience" statement.)

Here is a list of our current openings. We encourage experienced individuals from the technology industry to contact us about opportunities.

Certified Network Engineers
MCSEs, CNEs, Citrix, Cisco
Onsite scheduling at client sites.
Send resume to



Both Engineering jobs at Metalink are likely fake RIR ads: Metalink has several LCAs for H-1B workers, and was already granted an RIR for "Electrical Engineers" in 2004.  While the Bee ads specify that applicants be sent by fax or mail, their website specifies that applications be submitted via email.
Both job ads require MSEE. The "MSEE + 8 years experience" ad is on their website:
CMOS Mixed-Signal IC Design Engineer (Folsom CA) (#E2)

Must have a minimum of MSEE and 8 years of experience in analog IC design; Demonstrated ability to lead and develop architectural solutions for complex Mixed-Signal Communications ICs; Demonstrated ability in the design of high speed A/D and D/A converters, high linearity analog/digital filters, communication and digital signal processing; Good background in mathematics; Ability to approach design problems analytically. Contact: Aviva Gatt  - VP HR


Their website lists a total of 3 openings in the USA. At least two of those openings appear to be fraudulent.

Emp_Name OCC_Title Reduction_In_Recruit Emp_City Emp_State Salary Contact_First Contact_Last Last_Sig_event Last_Event_date
Metalink, Inc Electrical Engineers -1 Folsom CA 95000 Aviva Gatt Received Regional Office 7/19/2004
Metalink Inc Analog Design Engineer 105C Lake Forest Way Folsom CA 10/01/2004 Certified 70000 Folsom I-04191-1198449 Aviva Gatt VP, Human Resources
METALINK, INC. ANALOG DESIGN ENGINEER 105 Lake Forest Way Folsom CA 01/13/2004 Certified 91936 Folsom I-04013-0890837 Aviva Gatt VP Human Resources
LCA Database > Search > Company List > Job List > Details About | Reports | Search

H-1B LCA record for Design Engineer at Metalink Inc


Field Value
case_no I-02135-0107597
received_date 05/15/2002
address 105C Lake Forest Way
name Metalink Inc
city Folsom
state CA
postal_code 95630
phone 916-353-2190
ein 77-0468810
nbr_immigrants 1
begin_date 07/15/2002
end_date 07/14/2005
job_title Design Engineer
dol_decision_date 05/15/2002
certified_begin_date 07/15/2002
certified_end_date 07/14/2005
job_code 3
condition Y
subsection1 A
public_disclosure 1
designated_first_name Megan
designated_last_name Reeves
designated_title HR Manager
contact_first_name Nancy
contact_last_name Mao
contact_phone 916-443-6918
approval_status Certified
legacy_flag N
mail_fax_flag N
wage_rate_1 $95,000.00
rate_per_1 Y
part_time_1 N
city_1 Folsom
state_1 CA
prevailing_wage_1 $68,615.00
wage_source_1 Other
yr_source_pub_1 2002
other_wage_source_1 Economic Research Institute - Learn how the H-1B technical visa program is costing American jobs and undercutting your wages.