Based upon a claim by their attorneys that one of the ads on this page was not RIR, we removed the ad on May 19, 2006.  We will attempt to get obtain documentation from DOL or on any PERM or RIR applications by this employer, and proceed from there.

The ad was highly suspicious, and, according an email here, the CEO had advertised in 1999 that "we offer the fastest labor certifications/RIR in the country."

Accordingly, there is no question that this employer sponsors greencards, which entails running fake ads via the RIR or PERM process. But since their attorneys claim that this ad was not used for that purpose, we have removed it.

May 8, 2005

Sacramento Bee and DOL,

Two of the computer help wanted ads in today's Sacramento Bee appears to be a fake RIR ads, run for the intent of securing greencards rather than representing bonafide openings. I will cc the employer contacts to allow them an opportunity to refute our allegations:


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Both employers are run by immigrants from India. Both have a history of hiring H-1B employees. Thus both have a motive to run fake ads to secure greencards, by "demonstrating" that no American workers can be found.

The process, however, is a SHAM. Under RIR all that is required is a demonstration of recruiting - all qualified U.S. applicants can be overlooked.


The President of Telecommand is Ravi Verma. In December 2002 he personally secured two LCAs for H-1B employees. Among the "openings" in today's ad is "Lead Oracle DBA (ref #52002). Oddly, Telecommand already has a person designated as "the lead Oracle DBA":

Shirish Ojha is the Lead Oracle Database Administrator for Telecommand Software and Services, a Rocklin-based information technology consulting firm. Shirish has more than six years of experience with various Oracle products and has worked as a Senior Service Analyst for Oracle Corporation. Shirish is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), has created numerous Oracle Whitepapers for ‘’ and has given numerous technical talks/trainings for various groups at Oracle Corporation. Shirish holds a master’s degree in Engineering for IIT Kanpur, India.

So, is Ravi planning to can Shirish? Or are all U.S. worker applicants wasting their time responding to this sham ad?

Telecommand's employees ties to India are on their News/Events link:

Telecommand Software and Services and Catalysis Group partnered to provide leadership training to staff and students at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.

Will Ravi disclose whether this is an ad for a greencard, and what percent of his programming staff is other than Indian nationals?

H-1B applications filed by Telecommand Software and Services
Approved H-1B applications: 5   Total jobs: 5
Job title Jobs Wage Begin Date Location(s)
Oracle Database Administrator 1 $64,000/year 10/01/2004 Rocklin, CA
Senior Software Engineer 1 $75,000/year 12/15/2002 Rocklin, CA & Sacramento, CA
Senior Software Engineer 1 $80,000/year 12/15/2002 Rocklin, CA & Sacramento, CA
Senior Software Engineer 1 $75,000/year 02/15/2003 Rocklin, CA & Sacramento, CA
Senior Software Engineer 1 $60,150/year 07/23/2004 Rocklin, CA


2) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[content removed here]

These RIR ads are fraud upon U.S. workers who respond in good faith to these ads, while the employer and attorneys involved know that RIRs are nearly always granted.

Since the Bee has an editorial position in support of continuing to flooding the job market with H-1B workers, I am waiting to hear your position on the fake ads that you are running - profiting in a scheme which defrauds your readers.

Archive of these emails is here:


Mr. Kim Berry
President, The Programmers Guild
916 213-0492